How To Make Your Spray Tan Last


Getting beautiful golden sun-kissed skinis an eternal dream for millions. Using a spray tan is one of the alternatives to getting a tan. However, some find its results lasting only for a short period of time. Visiting a professional or a salon very frequently can be annoying or not so easy for people who are time bound. If you find yourself frustrated with this problem; you should be delighted to know that there are ways and means to make your spray tan last for longer time.

How To Make Your Spray Tan Last


Get your skin exfoliated before going for your spray tanning appointment. When spray tan falls on dead skin cells, they tend to wear off in three or four days or even quicker. Exfoliating your body with a buffing sponge or a good body scrub prior to spray tanning is a great way to make your spray tan last longer. A sea salt scrub is one of the excellent scrubs that does not just exfoliate skin but also keeps it smooth.


You are most likely to visit a tanning salon to fulfill your tanning needs. But before you get yourself spray tanned, determine the amount of alcohol in the tanning solution. Check the label and ensure alcohol does not fall in the first three ingredients of the product. Excess alcohol is bad for skin since it will turn dry and chapped. Also, excess alcohol has the potential of wearing tan off from your body quickly.

What Not to Wear

Do not use moisturizers or body lotions of any kind on the day of your tanning session. You can do so after you get yourself tanned but not before. Also, using a deodorant is not suggested. Areas, where any of these products are used, fail to be tanned properly.

Tan on dry skin will begin to fade quicker. Hence, use light moisturizers liberally and keep your skin hydrated for long lasting tanning results. Light lotions are preferred to heavy products. Invest in a product that is good for your skin type. Besides moisturizing your skin, the practice will make your tan last longer.


Delay a shower for at least six hours after spray tanning. Do not stay in hot baths for a long period of time. Chlorine has the ability to bleach skin and hence will whiten areas that are exposed to water for long.

Also, water will promote the development of dead skin cells and these are one of the biggest enemies to spray tan results. Secondly, do not rub your skin vigorously after a shower or bath. Gently pat dry; else you will begin to notice that tanning results are wearing off or color becoming uneven.

Gradual Self Tanner

Using a gradual self tanner will help you maintain your sunless tan for a few more days.

What Not to Wear

Baby oil has the power to take tan off. Similarly, heavy UV sunscreens will also remove your spray tan effect. Following these tips will help to make your spray tan last longer than it normally does. Also, when it begins to fade; exfoliate your skin for tanning effect to fade evenly.



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