How To Style Your Hair Using A Blow dryer


You don’t necessarily need a barrage of brushes, curling, and flat irons to achieve the hairstyle you want. All you really need, in addition to the right styling products, are the right hair dryer and the right attachments.

Girl Using Ionic Hair Dryer

Some of the newest hair dryers on the market are ionic, ceramic and tourmaline.

Ionic dryers reduce the amount of moisture in the hair, allowing it to dry faster and making it smoother and shinier. Ceramic dryers heat evenly without getting too hot and potentially damaging the hair follicle. Tourmaline dryers are the priciest of the bunch. They are said to produce more negative ions, drying hair faster and leaving it shinier and smoother than even ionic dryers.

The amount of wattage a hair dryer has is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new dryer. Hair dryer wattage range from as low as 600 to as high as 2,000. Finer hair needs a lower amount of wattage and thicker hair requires a higher wattage.

There are two hairdryer attachments every female should own and learn how to use correctly: the diffuser and the concentrated nozzle. The diffuser might look clunky and confusing at first glance but will soon become a staple in your routine if you have curly hair or want to achieve a wavy style. The diffuser minimizes heat damage, lessens air flow, and helps circulate the air around your hair. It creates softer, frizz-free curls (or waves) and more volume at the roots.

Dry your hair beginning at the roots, moving in a circular motion at a 90-degree angle from your scalp. Once the roots have dried, continue drying hair upside down, holding the diffuser under your hair and moving in an upwards and downwards motion. It’s best to stop using the diffuser after your hair is about 80% dry and let it air dry the rest of the way. This helps keep it from getting frizzy.

The concentrated nozzle directs airflow exactly to the area you want it to go. It is especially helpful for creating volume at the roots and a sleek, shaped style. After per-drying your hair to remove the excess moisture, separate your hair into sections with clips and begin drying from the back towards the front. Use a round brush while drying. A large round brush is better for longer hair and a small one works better for short hair.

Point the concentration nozzle down the hair shaft while drying each section. This will smooth the cuticles and create shine. You can curl the ends under or outwards, depending on the style you are going for. Go over each section several times to make sure it is completely dry. Then, of course, finish with your styling products of choice to set.



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