Tips to Be Exemplary as You Plan a Top-notch Wine Tour!


A wine tour is a quintessential fun way to spend an eventful day! You’d love touring around the vast, lush vineyards and experience the process of the grapes getting fermented to your favourite wine! Depending on the season, you may even get to admire the ripe grapes hanging from the shrubs or participate in crushing them. But any experience can be awesome (or not!) depending on how well (or not!) you plan it.

Top Tips to Organise a Perfect Wine Tour!

A perfect wine tour needs lots of preparations and study. And for the ideal experience amongst the thriving vineyards, ensure you prepare well for unhindered frolic.

  • Choose the best vineyard to visit — Every corner of the world prides in hosting remarkable vineyards – each having unique features. But not all of them are guest and tour friendly. Choose the best ones near you. Read the reviews and blogs on the internet about them to confirm if the vineyards you plan to hit are worth visiting. Good news is – most vineyards are exemplary hosts. But you need to know what to expect when you go there and how you should behave within the premises.
  • Keep in mind the time of the year — Like our lifestyle, even vineyard tours are dependent on rain or shine. Summers would have a full house (read: crowded), but the natural beauty would also be unsurpassed. Winters would be a slow season for wine tours, but that means that your sommelier has more time to answer your questions and explain pairings. But the best season to visit a vineyard is when the grapes are ready for harvesting. Some vineyards welcome guests with open arms for picking the grapes and also during the crushing ritual.
  • Mind your attire – Stilettos and blazers, mini sundresses and leather boots – all of it may be trending in the Sartorial Scenario. But that’s not meant for wine tours. Vineyard trips often involve a lot of walking amidst the sun and wind – so comfortable attires, shoes and sunglasses and hats are recommended so that you feel cool and comfy all day.
  • Book the best wine tour organisers — Your wine tour is going to be entertaining and unparalleled if the tour organiser you are booking is great. Always read a lot about the organiser from their website, check the services they provide like cars for hire, the guide they’ll provide, pick up and drop off points, their experience in the job, etc. Also, never forget to compare their charges from other similar wine tour providers and then book for the best one accordingly. Like, for the best Hunter Valley tour from Sydney, Country Trails Private Tours is the best. They organise the most comfortable and professionally managed and guided tour across the valley for you at reasonable charges. The best part? You can drink your wine at peace since you shall not be driving back!
  • Pre-book the tour — Wine tours are popular! Always pre-book your tour to avoid any kind of last-minute regrets.
  • Set off early in the morning— You can enjoy and explore the maximum in a vineyard if you make an early start. This would not only make you avoid the blazing sun, but also give you ample time to admire it all.

Now you are all set for a hundred percent remarkable wine tour experience. Remember to enjoy the nibbles of cheese and crackers offered in the tasting room and you swish, smell, swirl, and sip – so that the wine doesn’t get to your head!



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