Plan and Save More in Your Next Caravan Trip!


From the moment you plan a caravan trip to the time it starts rolling from your house, the expenses are already piling. And of course, further bills await you as you start on the road and keep extending as you drive on! In the end, you shed quite a heavy sum because of this trip! Though we know it’s an experience to cherish, still, there should be some way to reduce this expenditure from your favourite caravan trip (so that you can set off more frequently!). Naturally, we can’t stop you and your family from shopping for those new dresses, hats and shoes, but yes, we can help you reduce some of your budget that’s invested in other factors.

Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Caravan Journey!

No matter how much you try to save your expenses during your caravan trip, somewhere or other you spill the coins! And well, in the end you create a mountain out of a molehill. So, let’s try to reduce the amount that goes in a normal caravan trip by following the below listed golden tips:

  • Get a caravan at discounted rates — Maybe the high budget you are facing is due to the worn-out condition of your caravan or because it’s too old. It gives more expenses than mileage and therefore it’s best to get rid of it. You can get some excellent caravans for sale in NZ from Leisure Shed at really good rates. And since these are in very good condition, you don’t have to bear the expenses of repairs and other problems that can happen to the caravan during your journey.
  • Take care of the insurance — Sometimes you pay a heavy sum due to the accidents that happen on the way and the damage that is done to the caravan. You can easily prevent this and save the extra expenditure by insuring the vehicle as soon as you buy it.
  • Brew and bake on your own — If you are a coffee person, you need not pay the heavy price of coffee at Starbucks along with the taxes! Just brew it daily in the caravan itself. You can even bake your own bread and cookies and enjoy your meals within a low budget.
  • Self cooking with a menu — Once you plan the menu from home, you can fill the stock up from the grocery store near your home. It’s obvious that you get them at good discounted rates near your place. And no doubt you’ll be eating out a lot but cooking on your own once in while still saves good money!
  • Learn some DIY repairs — Whether it’s your tyres that got burst or your refrigerator that isn’t working, if you can repair it on your own, then obviously you save a lot! Imagine the amount you have to pay to the mechanics on the road for such issues.

These are some great ways to reduce the amount you spend on your road journey in a caravan! If you still want to save more, check for petrol prices at different destinations and halt accordingly to refill your tank at the petrol station that charges you the least. Even taking the shorter routes ensures saving on your road caravan expenditure. 



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