Purity Organic Skincare Facial Wash Reviews


Purity Organic Skincare proudly displays it’s British heritage with a brazen Union Jack on their website. However, their entire range is certified organic by the French EcoCert company rather than the British Soil Association; the latterhas stricter standards. Something for Purity to think about! Nevertheless, 98% of the ingredients are genuinely natural, and 70% are certified organic. Naturally, there is no animal testing.

The range is split into two: morning and evening. The facial wash here is part of their morning collection, with the cream cleanser relegated to night duties. In all honesty this is a bit of a marketing gimmick, you should use whatever product suits you whenever you need it. No toner is available. This wash is fragrance-free, so should be good for sensitive skin, and doesn’t contain parabens, GM or petroleum-based ingredients.

The yellow-y gel foams up easily (it’s a sugar-based foamer, there’s no SLS/SLES) and is gentle enough to use with a facial loofah. It doesn’t sting your eyes, nor does it leave you feeling dried out after use, either. I’m often dubious about manufacturer’s claims about their products suitability for sensitive skin, but not this time. I’m sure it’ll be fine for most people. All the while I used this my face remained clear and bright.

However, the downside for me was the smell – it’s supposed to be fragrance-free. It smelt like the essential oils had gone a bit rancid, which could very well have happened because I found a crack in the lid when I got home. Who knows how long the air had been getting to it? It didn’t affect the performance, though. Assuming your bottle is fine you should have 18 months to use it up once it’s opened.

I’m impressed by Purity’s ‘mission statement’: “Intelligent ingredients, few in number and highly effective, a combination which results in beautiful skin and is kind to the earth. Less is more in beauty.” Indeed. Purity have done well here, it’s a good face cleanser that is kind to your face and to the environment. The good price seals the deal, so give it a shot!



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