Are second-hand tyres worth it?


Are you searching for second-hand tyres? Because of their low price, second-hand tires may seem like the best choice for your vehicle. Can you trust them to be safe and reliable? No. Let’s see why.

What is Second Hand Tyres?

Second-hand tyres can be used tyres that have been removed from another vehicle for reuse.

These tyres are not recycled – they are not made from crumb rubber or recycled rubber. They are often taken from other cars and cleaned before being resold.

Many of the 2nd-hand tyres in your area are from other countries. They are often considered to be very cheap when resold instead of buying new, high quality tyres.

They aren’t new so you won’t be able to tell how far they have travelled and how deep they still have.

Is Second Hand Tyres Illegal ?

It is legal to sell or use used tires. A quick Google search will reveal vendors selling cheap second hand tyres in Auckland.

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Anything less is illegal.

Cheap, used car tyres may not have the minimum tread remaining, which can be very dangerous as the tread reduces grip, making it more difficult for the wheels and tyres to stop your vehicle.

Rethreading is an option?

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment estimates that Nz produces approximately 466,000 tonnes of End of Life tyres each year, or about 25 million. A few organizations, exist to develop viable markets for tyre products. This will help to conserve valuable resources and properly dispose of tyres.

Rethreading is a way to revive tyres that are near you. This involves attaching new tread and sidewall rubber on the casing, or “frame”, of a used tire.

Although rethreading is a common practice in the automotive and tyre industries, particularly for larger tyres that are used in construction or mining, safety experts don’t like the idea of rethreading passenger cars.

Finally, any tyres altered should state so.

You cannot sell a product if it is not labelled.

What are the disadvantages of purchasing Second Hand tyres?

1. They can be more costly in the long-term.

Your second-hand tires will be replaced much quicker than your newer, better quality tyres.

2. It’s time-consuming.

You will need to verify if the tyre is still viable and if there are any manufacturer warranties. This can take longer than searching for a used tire for your vehicle. If you have steel or alloy wheels, it is important to choose the right size tyre when searching for second-hand tyres.

3. It is not always possible to see past repairs.

It is not possible to guarantee that the used tire you have purchased has never been in an accident.

4. It is impossible to know its maintenance history.

Part-worn tyres can look flawless inside and outside, regardless of whether they are SUV tyres or car tyres. Are they balanced and fit properly? Are they balanced properly? Without knowing the maintenance history, it is nearly impossible to determine its current condition.

Benefits of Buying New Tyres

  • They are brand new!
  • Each tyre’s condition will be known to you.
  • At the same time, your tyres will begin to wear.
  • Your tyres last longer.
  • You don’t need to be concerned about safety issues in the past.

Is it worth buying second-hand, used, or part-worn tyres?

NO. Remember that second-hand safety is better than second-hand tyres. Your family deserves better. For their safety, make sure you only buy brand-new, never-worn tyres.



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