Enjoy a Luxuriously Refreshing Bath to Rejuvenate Your Senses!


You bath daily and sometimes it is often twice or thrice a day. And why not, bathing is an essential part of your daily lifestyle to ensure that you are germ-free and look (and smell) good as well. But often you just stand below a shower in a hurry and there you are outside the washroom within minutes. But have you ever considered the fact that bathing can actually rejuvenate your senses? Yes, when you actually take a bath (we mean a luxurious and refreshing leisure bath in a bathtub), then the results of the same are really amazing.

The Best Steps to Take a Luxurious and Calm Bath!

You probably thought that a luxurious bath is possible only in a spa. But you couldn’t be more wrong. It is possible now just by following a few tips.

  • Fill in the tub with warm water — The first step to a great bath is filling up your bath with the right temperature of the water. If the water is too cold, you’ll come out sneezing from the tub; and if it’s too hot, you’ll probably scream upon putting your toe in the bath.
  • Add some bath salts — Bath salts are incredibly amazing products to add into your bathtub. These get dissolved in your water and provide you relief from body aches and muscle pains. But yes, only add the bath salts that suit your skin and aren’t too harsh or include chemicals.
  • Bath bombs are also essential —Bath bombs in Australia from Twisted Fizzers are a must add to your bathtub for a luxuriously refreshing bath. These are available in awesome flavours and have a sweet smell. They can tantalise your senses and make you feel fresher and more enchanted. You would definitely enjoy the ambience in your bath that resembles sweet-smelling heaven now.
  • Rose petals for an enriched experience— Adding rose petals to your bath is going to make you feel like a Prince or Princess. You will also enjoy its multiple benefits on your skin like moisturising it and leaving a faint rosy smell behind.
  • Candles around the bath — Want to add a bit of drama and mood to your bath experience? Then candles would be magical for you. Light some scented candles in beautiful colours around your bathtub and get the royal experience of bathing in your own washroom.
  • Music seals the deal — Last but not least is the music. Music is therapeutic. So, when you are having a luxurious bathing experience which is soothing as well, then why not make the experience all the more alluring? You can play your favourite CD and enjoy some romantic tunes and have the most heavenly bathing experience at home.

With all the above instructions followed, you are sure to enjoy your bathing experience like never before. So, the next time you feel stressed or the world seems to be coming down your neck, then cancel all your appointments, put your phone on aeroplane mode, and dip yourself in a luxurious bath at home for hours. You can thank us later! 



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