How Does Matchmaking Work? Finding Out If It’s For You


They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but you don’t seem to be getting even one in your net! 

Online dating is a bust, bars seem to be filled with couples nowadays, and every other place, no luck. Does this sound familiar to you? If you’re open to trying out a new avenue for dating, matchmakers are awaiting your arrival! 

You may have heard matchmaking as a way of dating for the ‘elite’ or affluent section of the society. While that may be true, there are matchmakers in Sydney who aren’t so heavy on the pocket and cater to a larger crowd, one that includes you and me.

How do they Work?

Matchmaking is the magical art of finding people who are compatible with each other and set them up. Sounds easy, right? Not really. Dating in the modern world is not as simple as you think. People have a wide range of preferences and finding a perfect match can be difficult (as I’m sure our many failed attempts at dating on our own have shown us). 

You have an initial consultation with your matchmaker so that they get an idea of the kind of relationship you’re looking for, your general interests, etc. for a nominal fee. 

You have the option to get a membership after which your official matching process begins. 

Next is getting to know you (it’s all face to face) to make the matching process as perfect as possible. 

The matchmaker uses information from their network and their experience to guide them to find you a match! They might even fix up your date, get you all dressed up, and send you on your way (Fairy Godmother, is that you?). 

Every matchmaker has a different process and they can paint you a better picture of the details. 

Before paying any matchmaker or an agency, do a little background check; get references, check reviews, find out what you can about them. It’s important to trust them before you hand them your life in a file! 😀 

Why Should You Choose Them?

Unlike online dating apps or websites, these people are in it for serious business. Of course, dating apps can be the way you meet the love of your life, but there are so many people out there looking for something casual.

Matchmakers are a good choice if you are looking for a relationship or long-term commitment. 

They save you time. Let’s face it, letting someone else take care of finding decent people to see sounds like a relief. You can focus on other aspects of your life while your matchmaker works their magic.

They know you. They know your interests, cultural background, personal values, everything. And they also know plenty of other people who could be a good match for you. Matchmakers are like the wingman/wingwoman you wish you had. 


We can’t promise that you’ll find your Soulmate via a matchmaker, but why not give it a chance?



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