Mould Removal – The 3 Biggest Mistakes Gold Coast Families Make when Removing Mould from their Driveways, Walls, Roofs, Fences and Garden Areas.

  1. Cold water is used for power washing
  2. We see it time and again that families choose the cheapest power washer for their home to remove mold from their driveways, garden walls, fences, roofs, gutters, and/or outdoor areas. We’ll explain why this is a bad thing. Like all things, it is not always cheaper to do the right thing. Many high-pressure cleaning companies will use cold water to remove mould. This will transform your home! Your house will look and feel amazing! But When you live on Gold Coast It doesn’t matter if it is in Sanctuary Cove, Carrara or Burleigh Waters Our climate is rich in rain and high humidity and it’s the ideal environment for bacteria and mould growth. The mould will return within weeks to months after a power-clean using cold water. Astute Asset Management uses hot water 100% of time. We use water that is 100 degrees Celsius. It’s a great way to remove mold from walls, roofs, gutters, driveways, and other areas. You will be delighted with the results and your home will sparkle long after we leave. Below is a short video showing how hot-water pressure cleaned a Gold Coast Brick garden wall. It shows mildew and mould removal. The Queensland climate is responsible for the fact that eventually, the mould will return. But with Hot water power washing It will take you years, not weeks or even months to wash your clothes with cold water. It is obvious that cold water washing will be more expensive in the long-term. Contact us or email for a mold removal quote Click here for more information Learn more about our high pressure hot water wash (coming soon).Removal of mould requires safe and effective chemical solutions.
  3. High Pressure mould specialists use cold water for cleaning your home. They are not only highly skilled, but they also use cold water to clean your home. Not They may tell you that hot water is more efficient, but they also don’t tell you to use a. Safe The combination of chemical and water will give you a better result because it targets the root cause of mould. The water contains extra chemicals that kill harmful bacteria, which can cause dark patches on your driveway, roof, fence, or walls. Oder those white chalky spots that appear on the brickwork of your patio. Astute Asset Management uses and recommends these products. So Safe chemicals. We are experts in their use. We know which chemical is best to use on hard surfaces to kill mould at its root. The chemical you use will depend on the surface you’re trying to remove and the purpose of the surface. We recommend that you consult a specialist if you have any questions. Take a look at the Our preferred supplier, So Safe has mould removal gold coast chemical specifications sheets We use.Use a sealant What’s the point of sealants when you can just have mould removed from your brick driveway, patio, or brick home? You may be asking. Good question! before: Gold Coast Drive after removal of mould and sealant application

It’s a great start to have the perfect hot-water wash with the most effective chemicals to eliminate mould from your home’s exterior. It’s also a good idea to apply a final sealant after the work is complete. A good sealant can help to prevent water intrusion and mildew. Most people don’t realize this: Porous surfaces like bricks can be very porous. They will absorb all the water that comes from rain. This is the kind of rain that we get from the heavy summer storms. Gold Coast, Brisbane, and South East Queensland . Water from rain can cause bricks (or any porous hard surface) in your home to deteriorate and allow water in. after: Gold Coast Driveway, Sealant and Colour applied

Combining this with high humidity can cause toxic mould, mildew, or fungus growth in your home, roof, or driveway. You can protect your walls from deterioration by applying a sealant to your walls after you wash them. This will keep your family safe and dry. Our experts recommend that you add a color to your sealant, for example, to help it stick to your driveway. It really enhances the appearance of your home, as you can see from the after and before photos. It’s a great way to increase your home’s value if you are planning to put up a sign outside stating that it’s for sale. 



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