How to Transfer From London and Heathrow to Southampton


Southampton is a historic port city on England’s south coast. It attracts a vast number of tourists, who come to see some of England’s most historical art and heritage attractions, enjoys the diverse nightlife, and witnesses the charm of this waterfront location. It’s also home to the Sea City Museum, with an interactive model of the Titanic, which departed from Southampton in 1912.

With Heathrow Airport, London, they were the airport closest to Southampton (about 60 miles away) for tourists flying in from other countries. Here are the best ways to transfer from London & Heathrow to Southampton.

National Express Coaches

If you are looking for direct public transportation from Heathrow Airport to Southampton, National Express Coaches are your only option. It may not be the best means of transport as the luggage allowance may be less than your flight baggage allowance, which may be a hindrance. Another drawback is that these coaches do not stop at hotels or at cruise terminals, so you would require a local cab to navigate from the Southampton coach station.

If the baggage allowance and the time to transfer is not an issue for you, then this is the best means of transfer for you as this is the cheapest means of transmission, by far. You can go light on your wallet, this way.

Shared Shuttle Transfers

If you are a cruise passenger, shared shuttle transfers might be your best bet to make it to the south coast as these provide a convenient door to door service between Heathrow (and central London) and Southampton cruise terminals with a maximum of 4 pick-ups or drops, which means it will also be a faster transfer for you as compared to that of National Express Coaches. 

These shuttles are guaranteed to operate even if you are the only passenger and also pick-up and drop at all the central airport hotels, just ensure that you aren’t exceeding the maximum baggage allowance before you board one of these shuttles. If your party is more than two, it is recommended to opt for a cheaper private car transfer. 

Renting Minibuses

If your party exceeds 8-10 people, renting a minibus might be the best way to transfer to Southampton. Minibusses even offer a meet and greet services, a friendly and supportive Chauffeur, who will meet you inside the Cruise Terminal displaying a name board, help you with your luggage and escort you to the vehicle. 

Being a historic port with several hundred thousand tourists visiting each year, transferring to Southampton from Heathrow and London is usually a hassle-free experience mainly due to the vast transfer options available to you.




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