Why Are Pax Vaporizers on Top Demand?


Pax is a very famous vaporizer available currently. It is in high demand because of its sleek and futuristic design and other features that come with it — manufactured by a company named PLOOM PAX. It is a conduction based mechanism for heating. This product came into the picture when there was no herb vaporizer available in the market. The need for pocket-sized vape was also increasing during this time. Pax checked all these boxes along with being very efficient at vaping. Here are some reasons how Pax made it to the top of all the vaporizers available. 


A significant reason why the pax 3 UK made it to the top is because of the sleek design it comes in. It is designed in a way that you get to be way too cooler than you are normal if you carry this around. It is also very handy and user-friendly. Pax vaporizers are these real pocket vapes with excellent design. Pax is elegant, simple, and small at the same time. The device looks like an expensive, highly futuristic vaporizer made with anodized aluminum. It looks like a highly premium device and has an amazing look. They are rounded beautifully for a firm and comfortable grip. 

Materials used in making

Pax is made mostly of stainless steel and plastic. Safety basis, stainless steel is a very durable material. It is suitable for resisting corrosion and what comes with it. Plastic is also a resistant type of material that is used here. It is a high-quality product, and the build quality is excellent. 

The product is pocket-friendly except for the smell. It is small and weightless, only 90 grams. No parts stick out of the surface; this makes it a very compact and handy vaporizer. It is a block of metal, and that makes it stand out from the rest of it because of the design and with no items sticking out. The Pax can get smelly. They are smellier than other portable ones. It also depends on how confined the space you are in. The smell will go away quickly and will not stick to your clothes. While it gets heated up, the scent is prominent. 

Battery and cost

When you compare it with other vaporizers available, this one is not very expensive. This cost factor is also one of major the reasons for the massive success of the product. The battery life is 70 minutes for the original Pax device. This is an excellent deal for a small device like the vaporizer. It is also reliable. 

Safety factor

Safety is another factor in the success of the product. The path of the vapor is wholly independent of the other components. In this device, the air gets pulled inside to a bowl from the outer surface of the oven lid. It then gets channeled into a separate path, and this ends by coming out of the mouthpiece. It has been assured by the makers that the air taken inside does not touch any of the electronic parts. 

Packing the oven

The Pax has the potential to create some dense clouds. If you have a very finely packed herb with almost 0.3 to 0.4 grams, then you will get the expected thick cloud. But a fully packed chamber can get you high. But if you expect a less dense cloud, it does not work as expected. This can be disappointing in that case. With a Pax vaporizer, either you get the full result out of it or nothing. This area is where the product is unique — it either everything or nothing. So get one of these and start enjoying the best of vaporizers. 



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