Best Homemade Hair Treatments


Who in this world does not want to have strong and shining hair at a reasonable cost, it is possible with natural recipes. If you want to bring shine in your hair and grow them as long as you want then you will have to use natural recipes. With the help of different herbs that grow naturally from around the world, you can grow your hair long and make them shine. Healthy hair indicates a healthy body, the trick is you will need to improve your diet so that you can make your hair healthy too. Today, we use so many chemically formulated hair care products such as some types of shampoos, conditioners and different creams. Although, by using such products you will find a good change in your hair but as soon as you will stop using these remedies, your hair will become dull and weak. There will be no shine in your hair and they will start falling from your head. There are different natural recipes that you can use to make your hair strong, healthy and shining. Some of the good recipes are described below.

Egg Massage:

This is a proven way to make your hair healthy and shining. To apply this recipe, you will have to wash your hair properly so that it is clean thoroughly and after that massage your hair with the help of a mashed egg. It is up to you that how many eggs you want to use. If you don’t have long hair then only one egg will be enough but depending on the length of hair, quantity of eggs can reach up to 5. Once you have applied the egg on your hair, leave them like this for 5 minutes. After five minutes, wash your hair with cold water so that all egg remains are washed away from your hair. Don’t use hot water because it will dry skin of your head and there will be no use of egg massage at all.

Mayo Massage:

Another one of our great natural recipes for hair growth is to massage hair with mayo. Mayo is considered as a great conditioner for hair. Massage the mayonnaise for 5-10 minutes and then leave your hair like this for 5 minutes. After that, wash your hair with cold water. Just like egg massage therapy, avoid using hot water because it will settle down mayo in your hair.

If you want to get a lovely shine in your hair then rinse them with beer that doesn’t possess a strong smell.

Rosemary oil can also be used as natural recipe for hair growth and shining. Heat the rosemary oil slightly. Make sure you don’t provide heat to it for a long time. Massage the warm oil on scalp and leave it like this for some minutes. After that, wash your hair properly with hot water so that all the oil in your hair can be washed completely.

You can also apply yoghurt on your scalp if you feel itching in it. After applying yoghurt, cover your head with towel for 15 minutes and then wash it properly. Dandruff will also disappear from your head in this way.

These natural recipes may seem strange if you haven’t heard of them before, but it is worth a try if you are looking for a natural alternative. By applying these simple hair care natural recipes, you can make your hair grow taller and bring ultimate shine in them.



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