Best Tips for Hair Care During Monsoon


Monsoon is a season which every person enjoy but it is the only season which affects our skin and hair the most.

Tips For Hair Care in Monsoon

Keep your Hair Dry

In monsoon keep your hair dry as long time as possible. It will prevent your hair and scalp from humidity and many hair problems like hair loss and dandruff.

Very less use of hair style products

If you are using regularly hair styling products then do not use them in rainy season. Due to excess humidity these products make your hair and scalp oily because these are chemical based products.


Condition hair regularly helps to get rid of frizziness. Because humidity makes the hair dry and dryness makes the hair frizzy.

Drink plenty of water

  • Do not share comb with any one.
  • If hair are wet do not tie them.
  • There are other things that are to be used in monsoon like the type of comb, oil etc.

Comb to be used

There are two types of combs. A comb with wide mouth which is used for de- tangling. Another one is teasing comb. Always use wide mouth comb in monsoon. This type of comb is used as a conditioning comb to condition the hair.

Shampoo to be used

In monsoon it is advised that the hair and scalp must be clean. Do not wet the hair. Always use good quality of shampoo. Use shampoo and conditioner that strengthen the hair from root to tip.


There are some do’s and don’ts regarding diet as healthy diet plays a very important role in our life. You should have a diet rich in iron and protein. Include eggs in the diet. Fish is very rich in protein. In iron spicy is the best. Curd is rich in vitamin D and helps in making hair strong.

Oil to be used

Use very few oil, massage the scalp and roots with the tip of your fingers and use a good quality of shampoo. If hair are weak don’t to hard massage because it will damage hair more.

Hair wash routine

  1. Wet hair completely before applying shampoo.
  2. Always shampoo at the scalp with your finger tips.
  3. Condition end and lengths of the hair.
  4. Water should be of medium temperature.

How to get rid of dandruff, oily scalp and hairfall during monsoon ?


Always protect hair from rain because wet hair are mostly get damaged. Wet hair are very fragile so there are more chances of hair fall.
Always use wide mouth brush to detangle hair.
Use good quality of shampoo and conditioner as shampoo is used to clean the scalp and conditioner is applied at the end and the lengths of the hair.


Dandruff increases during the monsoon season. Always use anti-dandruff shampoo. Use shampoo having cool menthol as it males the hair clean and refresh. It also keeps the scalp clean.

Oily Scalp

Too much oil makes hair look like dirty and greasy. Little amount of oil is enough for hair as it makes hair to look healthy. In monsoon hair become more oily so it is advised to wash hair with shampoo and conditioner to make hair and scalp clean.



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