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I am a shopaholic. This is a testament to my addiction.

I have been lusting after these since the beginning of the season. But at $350, it was too rich for my unemployed blood. I was determined to wait until the went on sale.

I saw them, for a blip of a moment, at DSW for around $260. I decided it was still too much (at the time I was in a pretty hardcore “I must save my money” mode). A few months later, I started to regret it.

eLuxury sold out of them before they could make it to the sales rack. Saks put them on sale for $270, but sold out before I could get to them. Neiman Marcus had them for $260, but a size and a half too small. That left only Nordstrom and Zappos.com.

I watched these sites religiously, checking them at least twice a day for a sale. And then, finally, one morning I woke up, and Nordstroms had them, at the lowest price ever – $249. I was ecstatic – but they were SOLD OUT. Completely and utterly. I was devastated. I spent the rest of the day checking obsessively, in the hope that someone would return a pair in my size. I was so upset that I was very close to buying a full-priced pair from Zappos.com

My husband taught me something – it never hurts to ask. Every time we go shopping he always urges me to ask if I can’t find something. That is how I lucked out and got my Marc Jacobs Mouse Shoes – I asked. Anyway, I took a chance and logged on to Nordstrom.com’s live chat help. The lovely woman looked up the info for me.. and told me my size WAS available, at the sale price, it was just backordered – that is why it wasn’t available on the website. All I had to do was call their catalogue department and they put the order through – just have to wait until August 15th!

Chili’s Silver Floral Mules

These are one of the few “cheap-o” pairs of shoes I owned. Picked them up at DSW a couple of years ago. I am not a huge fan of mules (I hate that heel-slapping noise they make) but I do like these. They are soft and feminine. I bought them because they reminded me, slightly, of Vuitton’s pleated satin Balmoral shoes that everyone lusted over a few seasons ago. I will admit, I tried buying a knock-off pair of Balmorals, and I was so offended by the quality of the shoes that I vowed never to buy a knock-off again.

So these, while not knock-offs, are certainly reminiscent of the sweet sexiness of those Balmorals.

Ann Taylor Loft Ocean Blue Top

Recently my closet has exploded with items from Ann Taylor Loft. Why? Their clothes are well tailored and fit me well, and the quality is great for the price. This baby here cost me $25 – on the sales rack, of course.

My colors of the season seem to be teal and aqua blues, and orange. When I pulled this shirt off the shelf at the store and asked Mr. Spork what he thought about it, he shrugged and said he didn’t really like it. I tried it on anyway, and decided to buy it. When I wore it a couple of days later, one of the first things he said to me was “oh you were right. That does look really nice on you.”

Marc Jacobs Sage Green Velvet Pumps

At some point these were dubbed “Cinderella shoes” by someone I work with. I have no idea why – except that they are DREAMY. These are from the Spring or Summer collection 2004.

A producer I was working with was wearing these in fuchsia, and I fell in love. This was before I had my serious addiction to designer shoes. I tried to get them from Nordstrom.com (they were on sale) but never could bring myself to spend the money, and then they ran out of my size. I tried tracking a pair on Ebay but couldn’t find my size. Then one day they popped up on the Nordstrom website again. One pair, size 8, sage green. They must have been returned well after the shoes were sold out, because they were like 60% off or something. I didn’t waste a second ordering them. They have been one of my favorite pair since. Very comfortable and totally styling.

Interesting note: in the new “Superman Returns” movie, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane takes off her shoes to step on Superman’s feet, so they can fly above the city. Those shoes she takes off are these very Marc Jacobs shoes, in black. I noticed that immediately – and so did my husband! I have him well trained.

Kenneth Cole Metallic Fuschia Clutch

Another Nordstrom Rack find. I loved it, but there was a tiny nick in the leather. Really minor, only noticeable on second inspection, but an imperfection nonetheless. I had really wanted a clutch purse, and I loved the shape of this, but was wary of buying a defective product. So I left it, and continued on my search.

A few weeks later, I returned to Nordstrom Rack, and this bag was still there. I hadn’t had any luck finding a clutch elsewhere, so I broke down and bought this. I figured for $25 it was worth it, even with a minor imperfection. Plus I got an adorable pair of purple tweed Steve Madden shoes to match.



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